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To finance

It is not enough to have a real estate project, it is also necessary to be able to finance it. CAPI Credit is a solution of financing for all your real estate projects.
To finance

CAPI Credit is a brand of CAPIFRANCE developed in partnership with the Power station of Financing to accompany you in the financing by your real estate projects : purchase, work, construction, investment… The role of our advisors is to bring to you a solution of credit adapted to your need.

Their concern first is to obtain the best conditions of financing to you on the market. Their approach is clear: to call on several credit institutions, to compare them and make play competition.

Our commitments

  • To negotiate the best conditions of loans on the market (rate, insurance, warranties). We collaborate with many banking institutions to make you profit from the most competitive offers of financing.
  • You to give assistance and council in the assembly of your financing plan.
  • You to ensure a personalized follow-up and a council. Our advisors build with you the file of loan adapted to your situation and your project of purchase.

A custom-tailored service offering for your single project
Your advisor CAPI Credit adapts to your requirements to carry out with you the service corresponding to your need. He studies the various proposals and a clear answer to all your questions brings to you.

  • Loans: any knowledge on the various types of appropriations and the alternatives to the “classical” loan loans with stages, flexible, revisable…)
  • Rates: to choose its conditions of rate well: fixed, variable, mixed, types of monthly payments…
  • Warranties: to study the types of warranties according to the bought good and your profile: mortgage security, PD, guarantees…
  • Insurances: to know the various criteria for the calculation of the bonuses: age, profession, duration of loan…

To reach the computers of simulation of credit, click here, or take appointment as of today with an advisor CAPI Credit.

CAPI Credit


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